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Doctor Phillips AC Refrigerant Leak by Star Air Conditioning

AC Refrigerant Leak Detection & Repair in Doctor Phillips

Got an AC blowing hot air? At Star Air Conditioning & Heating, we are your reliable AC refrigerant leak repair company serving Orange & Osceola Counties.

All Doctor Phillips homeowners can agree that nothing beats coming home to cool temperatures after a day in the sun. However, if your system is low on or leaking refrigerant, there won’t be any cold air. The freon in your system is responsible for cooling the air entering your home. When your system is low on it, you will suffer from fluctuating temperatures or no cold air at all. At Star Air Conditioning & Heating, we offer a range of AC refrigerant leak services including detection and repair, and can also help with freon replacement to get your system cooling again!

If your freon levels are fine but your AC is still struggling to cool, dirty or damaged evaporator coils could be to blame. Best of all, we can help with that too!

Signs You Have an Air Conditioner Refrigerant Leak

Air conditioning refrigerants are mainly a gas-liquid, which makes it relatively difficult to see without the proper equipment. However, homeowners can look out for common warning signs to help determine when AC refrigerant leak services are needed. These symptoms can include:

  • COOLING ISSUES: Freon is the “fuel” your air conditioner uses to cool air. If it is leaking out, that means your AC won’t be able to cool at all, leaving you with hot air or fluctuating temperatures.
  • ICE OR LEAKS: As refrigerant leaks out into your air conditioner, it can often freeze the evaporator coils inside the unit. If you look inside you’ll often see frost on them or water leaking under the unit as it thaws.
  • NOISY OPERATION: Your air conditioner is a pressurized system, which means if freon gas is leaking out, it will often make a hissing sound. Never ignore strange noises from your AC as it can often be an early warning sign of trouble.

Generally, your air conditioner will simply struggle to cool your home efficiently. That means it may take the entire day - especially during the summer months - or temperature will simply continue to rise well into the 80s, which can quickly become a dangerous situation for your family.

What Causes These Leaks?

When it comes to air conditioner refrigerant leaks, they’re generally caused by one of two things:

  • WEAR & TEAR: Many air conditioners use copper lines for their freon. These lines often form formic acid, which can eat away at them over time. Eventually, the copper line can deteriorate to the point of allowing freon to leak out.
  • VIBRATIONS: Older air conditioners can have loose components inside, which cause a vibration in the unit. Refrigeration lines are not the strongest, so even a slight jostle can cause them to crack or form a pinhole leak.

Like any appliance in your home, your air conditioner can deteriorate with time. Components can wear, excess dust can get into your unit, and even a loose base could cause the air conditioner to move and lead to a leak.

The best way to protect your air conditioner is with routine maintenance. Be sure to ask about our membership plans and schedule an AC tune up today!

Do You Need an Expert for Freon Recharge?

The short answer is yes. Refrigerants can be dangerous to handle without the proper equipment and knowledge and is likely not something homeowners can get a hold of. Additionally, if you’ve been dealing with an air conditioner refrigerant leak, that leak needs to be fixed first. Our AC contractors will take the time to perform leak detection services to accurately locate the damage inside your air conditioner. Once found, we’ll make the necessary repairs and then complete the freon recharge.

At Star Air Conditioning & Heating, we pride ourselves on our high-quality solutions and honest services. We’ll always be transparent with our customers and take the time to explain the entire process to you. Best of all, you’ll have a cool and comfortable home again in no time!

Homeowners in Doctor Phillips need cool air to stay safe and comfortable. Refrigerant leaks can quickly stop that process. If it does, call Star Air Conditioning & Heating at (407) 932-1536 for help!

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