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Heat Pump Services in Orlando

Care for and update your heat pump with heat pump replacement and repair services from Star Air Conditioning & Heating

Heat pumps have been the smart choice for local Orlando heating and cooling needs for years. Heat pumps are prized for their simplicity in installation and high-efficiency ratings. Of all of the options for heating and cooling a home, a heat pump is the most environmentally-friendly.

Heat pumps are also known to be one of the most reliable forms of heating and cooling a home or business. But even these modern efficient units do require service in the form of maintenance, repairs, or new heat pump replacement. When that time comes, Star Air Conditioning & Heating is at your service. We perform all types of work on heat pumps.

Sticking with a traditional HVAC unit? Be sure it’s ready for winter with routine furnace tune ups and service.

Benefits of Heat Pump Installation in Orlando

Heat pumps have been around for years but they are just now increasing in popularity. As old equipment breaks down, heat pumps are installed in their place. Some of the benefits of heat pump installation are:

  • REDUCED ENERGY COSTS: Some heat pumps advertise efficiencies as high as 300% when compared to fossil fuels. They rely solely on electricity so instead of paying high gas heating bills, costs can be consolidated to one utility.
  • PERFECT ENVIRONMENT: Heat pumps are the perfect choice for residents in the Orlando area. Heat pumps operate best at temperatures above freezing in the winter while having the capacity to keep you cool in the summer.
  • INCREASED RELIABILITY: Heat pumps are probably the most reliable source of heating and cooling available. They can last as long as 50 years but 15-20 years is a normal life expectancy.
  • VARIETY OF SOURCES: Heat pumps need to dump their heat in the summer and they can do so in a variety of places. Most new heat pumps use outdoor fans to remove heat from the air. But, ground-source pumps and water source pumps are popular as well.

At Star Air Conditioning & Heating, we are ready to help you make the switch. If your heating and cooling equipment are outdated, we will educate you on your best options and handle everything else.

Signs That You Need to Call for Heat Pump Repair Service

Heat pumps are known to be a very reliable technology. Because they use the same equipment for both heating and cooling, they run year-round. While you may assume that this would be harder on the equipment, it is actually better for it since it stays better lubricated. However, just like any piece of equipment, problems can occur.

When problems occur in a heat pump, they can quickly spread to other components since they are all operating at the same time. Some of the indications that you need heat pump repair service can be:

  • Unusual noises like screeching or rattling
  • Not enough cooling
  • High Electricity Bills
  • Long Cycles
  • Inadequate Heating

Whenever you notice problems with your heat pump, it is important to call Star Air Conditioning & Heating. Heat pump problems won’t go away without professional intervention. Our technicians are standing by ready to help at any time of day.

We offer a range of heating alternatives, including ductless mini split heaters, which can help lower your energy costs without sacrificing performance.

Your Local Heat Pump Contractor

Star Air Conditioning & Heating wants to help you keep your home comfortable. Choosing a heat pump is one of the best decisions you can make. After that, proper heat pump maintenance is key to getting a long life out of it. Our skilled technicians perform heat pump repair, installation, and maintenance. We always operate with honesty and integrity and we keep your best interest in mind.

Beat the heat and the cold with one heat pump unit! Call (407) 932-1536 today to start saving money. We are the best choice for heat pump services in Orange County and Osceola County.


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