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Winter Garden Commercial HVAC Services in Winter Garden by Star Air Conditioning

Commercial HVAC Services in Winter Garden

Let Star Air Conditioning & Heating become your partners for commercial AC repair and heating service. We proudly serve Orange & Osceola Counties!

Owning a business or managing a commercial property comes with its own unique set of challenges. Whether you’re working directly with customers or need consistent temperatures to protect products and goods, dealing with a faulty air conditioner or heater can spell disaster. When these issues do arise, you can count on our Winter Garden commercial HVAC contractors at Star Air Conditioning & Heating for help. With honest and transparent pricing, highly skilled technicians, and years of experience, we can make quick work of even your toughest issues.

Dealing with a repair concern in the middle of the night? We also offer 24 hour emergency AC repairs to get you the support you need when you need it most.

Benefits of Commercial Air Conditioner Installation

In most instances, commercial HVAC repair can easily get an AC unit back up and running. However, if the unit is over 10 years old, has been struggling with constant repair issues, or simply isn’t keeping your property cool enough, a change is needed.

Installing a new commercial air conditioner can have plenty of benefits, including:

  • ENERGY SAVINGS: Older commercial HVAC systems can take longer to heat or cool your property, leading to an increase in utility costs. With a new unit in place, you’ll see considerable savings, helping the unit pay for itself in a matter of years.
  • IMPROVED TEMPERATURE CONTROL: Being able to control temperature down to the degree can be critical in a commercial setting. With a new industrial air conditioner in place, you’ll have more control, keeping your products cool and safe.
  • FEWER REPAIRS: Commercial HVAC repair can add up quickly. With a new unit, you can eliminate repair issues entirely, helping you save money over time.
  • QUIETER OPERATION: A noisy AC can be a distraction and is often a signal your unit is closer to the end of its lifespan. Modern units have dampers inside that help cut down on noise without sacrificing performance.
  • BETTER AIR QUALITY: Modern commercial heating systems have better air filtration, which can cut down on allergens and dust that may affect your customers and employees.

Our commercial HVAC contractors will work your needs and budget in mind, finding the ideal system for your property. Additionally, we work with major brands including Lennox & York and Bryant, ensuring you get a long-lasting and high-quality system with every install.

The Importance of Routine Commercial Heating Maintenance

One of the best ways business owners and property managers in Winter Garden can protect their industrial HVAC system is with routine care. During a maintenance appointment, our technicians will inspect your system looking for any issues with components like the blower motor, evaporator coils, or refrigerant levels. Additionally, we’ll take this opportunity to replace filters giving your unit the TLC it needs.

On average, maintenance should be done annually. However, if your system gets heavy customer-facing usage, scheduling quarterly maintenance can be a benefit. Because a working air conditioner or heater can be the difference between opening or closing your doors for the day, having a working unit is essential.

Tips To Lower Your Heating & Cooling Costs

As business owners ourselves, keeping our customers informed is essential. Some simple tips to help keep your costs down and your HVAC system happy include:

  • CHECK INSULATION: Temperatures in Winter Garden can get extreme. If your building is not properly insulated, those outdoor temperatures can get inside, forcing your HVAC system to work harder. If you’re having repair issues, checking insulation can help.
  • USE YOUR DRAPES & BLINDS: Sunlight is great - until it starts affecting temperatures inside your building. Be sure to use drapes, blinds, and even window tinting to help keep temperatures in control.
  • UPGRADE INFRASTRUCTURE: When discussing infrastructure, we mean things like your thermostats, ceiling fans, and any other systems you use to regulate temperature. While a central HVAC system will always do the brunt of the work, having adequate support systems can make a major difference.

Of course, we always recommend routine maintenance and care to keep your system in top shape. Be sure to ask about our Gold Club Membership for savings on your next service.

Your Reliable Commercial HVAC Contractor

Since opening our doors, we have been focused on providing professional service with integrity. When you choose us as your commercial heating and cooling contractors, we’ll always offer honest advice, timely appointments, and transparent pricing. We understand that a faulty HVAC system can affect your business, and in some instances force you to close your doors, which is why we always respond quickly.

Additionally, by working with major brands including Goodman, Bryant, and Lennox & York, you can trust that we have the experience needed to work with your industrial system.

At Star Air Conditioning & Heating, we work with commercial customers throughout the Winter Garden area with all their heating and cooling needs. Call us at (407) 932-1536 to schedule service today!

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