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Ductless Mini Split Services in Orlando

Looking for an alternative to central AC? Consider a ductless mini split air conditioner installation, a top choice among homeowners in Orange & Osceola Counties!

The best part of heating or cooling your Orlando home is you’re always going to have plenty of options to choose from. If central HVAC systems are not possible in your home because of size limitations or preference, then opting for ductless mini split installation may be the best choice. At Star Air Conditioning & Heating, we can help you find and install a new unit perfectly to keep your home as comfortable as possible.

Sticking with a traditional central HVAC system? Be sure to keep up with routine maintenance and schedule an AC tune up before the summer months.

Advantages of Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner Installation

Ductless mini split air conditioning systems are gaining in popularity because of their versatility and energy savings. Some of the other perks homeowners can expect include:

  • CUSTOMIZABLE ZONES: During installation, you can place units in multiple locations throughout your home. This allows you to heat or cool in zones, keeping temperatures at your specific needs.
  • LOWER ENERGY COSTS: Because the AC is not heating the entire home throughout the day, and only in specific areas, all homeowners will see a significant reduction in energy costs.
  • QUIET OPERATION: Central HVAC systems and even fans can be relatively noisy during operation. Ductless mini split systems are quiet, which means they can easily go in bedrooms without disturbing sleeping.
  • VERSATILE INSTALLATION: Ductless mini split systems can be installed just about anywhere. Because they don’t need ductwork, you can easily put them in specific rooms or even garages and workspaces for customizable comfort.

Common Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner Problems

While ductless mini split heating systems can have plenty of benefits, like any appliance in your home, they also require routine maintenance and even repair. Some common issues homeowners should be aware of include:

  • LOW AIRFLOW: Ductless mini split AC systems indeed routine cleaning to avoid becoming clogged - this is generally done once a year. If you’re seeing fluctuating airflow from your system, check the filter and look for any buildup of dust near the vents.
  • RISING ENERGY COSTS: Ductless systems are known for their energy savings. As such, if your bill is on the rise and you’re noticing airflow issues or difficulty cooling from your ductless mini split air conditioner, repair may be needed.
  • DAMAGED FAN: The fan inside a ductless heating and air system is responsible for pumping the air into your home. If you’re getting little to no airflow from the system it is likely damaged or there’s an electrical problem in the fan motor.

At Star Air Conditioning & Heating, we can handle many of these issues with ductless mini split air conditioner repairs. Additionally, routine maintenance plays an important role in keeping these systems in top shape. Remembering to change the filters can keep debris out of the unit and the air, while routine inspections are also necessary.

Looking for more alternatives to your heating and cooling needs? Be sure to ask about our heat pump services and enjoy versatile performance in every season.

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As homeowners, we understand how important temperature is to our comfort and safety. Many homes in the Orlando area have limited space that can prevent them from installing a central HVAC system. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t be comfortable. With our ductless min split AC system installations, we can find you that ideal heating and cooling system that’s sure to keep you comfortable and lower your energy costs too!

Whether your attic space is limited or you simply want an alternative to central AC, ductless mini split installation is the ideal solution! Call Star Air Conditioning & Heating at (407) 932-1536 to learn more.

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With Orlando's tropical climate, having a reliable HVAC system is essential for staying comfortable in the face of sweltering summers and mild winters. At Star Air Conditioning, we offer comprehensive services designed to keep your indoor environment just right. Whether you're in need of a new HVAC installation, prompt repairs, or routine maintenance, our experienced technicians have the expertise to handle all your heating and cooling needs.

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