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Kissimmee Emergency Heating Repair by Star Air Conditioning

Heater Repair in Kissimmee

Stay warm when the temperatures get chilly with help from Kissimmee’s favorite heating service company, Star Air Conditioning & Heating.

When people think about Kissimmee, heater repair usually isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. However, it isn’t uncommon for winter temperatures in Kissimmee to get chilly and cause homeowners to go running to the thermostat to turn up the heat. From time to time, you may run to the thermostat and find that your system isn’t working properly. That’s the time to call the professionals at Star Air Conditioning & Heating for heater repair.

Is your old heater beyond repair? Be sure to ask about our heater installation services today!

Top Signs You Need Emergency Heating Service

At Star Air Conditioning & Heating, we understand that problems don’t usually happen at convenient times. That’s why we make our services available 24 hours a day for emergency heating service. Be sure to call us immediately with any of these problems:

  • NO HEAT: No heat is one of the most obvious signs that you need emergency service. The problem could be from the pilot light and a safety mechanism not allowing the unit to light.
  • INSUFFICIENT HEAT: Insufficient heat will manifest in long heating cycles and high bills. Getting quick repairs will save money and could avoid an unsafe situation.
  • BAD ODORS: Heaters should operate with no odor. If heaters are putting off a burnt smell then you may have a fire hazard on your hands.
  • GAS SMELLS: Gas smells should never be ignored. While there are numerous safety devices on a heater that prevent gas leaks, there is still a possibility that a dangerous leak could occur.
  • POOR HEAT CIRCULATION: Poor circulation is a problem in the ductwork or the blower. Many times this is preceded by unusual noises coming from the system.

Whether it’s your family or your customers that are suffering in the cold, our technicians are ready to help. We provide emergency heating services to residential and commercial customers. Our technicians are trained to work on any type and size of the unit so you never have to worry about being left in the cold.

Benefits of a Heater Tune-up

Heater maintenance and routine heater tune-ups are the best way to avoid an emergency heating repair call. Heater maintenance aims to keep heaters running well enough that they don’t break down unexpectedly and that they operate efficiently through the cold season. By calling for a heater tune-up, you can expect:

  • MONEY SAVINGS: Emergency repair bills can get expensive. Paying a little upfront to keep the heater operating at its best will prevent most of the possible emergencies.
  • SAFETY: During heater tune-ups, technicians will check all safety devices for proper operation. This will keep your family and guests safe from carbon monoxide and fire hazards.
  • FEWER PROBLEMS: Heater maintenance ensures that moving parts are lubricated, pilot lights are working and burners are tuned properly. This prevents most of the common problems that may happen to heaters before they become unavoidable repairs.
  • INCREASED COMFORT: Keeping a heater running its best ensures that your family and customers will always have reliable heating. Call us today to get the peace of mind that heater maintenance can give you.

Heater maintenance is one of the best investments you can make in your heating system. Check out our membership program to see how we can keep your whole HVAC system working all year long.

Choosing the Best Heater Repair Company

At Star Air Conditioning & Heating we strive to offer the best customer experience that can be found. Our services are available 24-hours a day for your convenience. We offer a competitive membership package to help you better care for your equipment and we also offer financing to make new equipment less of a financial burden. Our expert service has earned us an A+ rating from the BBB from both residential and commercial customers. Call us today to see what a difference we can make for you!

Call Star Air Conditioning & Heating today at (407) 932-1536 and keep your home or business warm. No matter the time of day, our team is ready to help.

At Star Air Conditioning, we're proud to be your trusted HVAC partner in the vibrant city of Kissimmee, Florida. Situated in the heart of Central Florida, Kissimmee is renowned for its sunny weather, stunning lakes, and close proximity to world-famous attractions like Walt Disney World Resort and Universal Orlando Resort. Whether you call Kissimmee home or operate a business in this bustling community, we're here to ensure your indoor comfort all year round.

Comprehensive HVAC Services in Kissimmee

With Kissimmee's hot and humid summers and mild winters, having a reliable HVAC system is essential for staying comfortable throughout the seasons. At Star Air Conditioning, we offer a wide range of services to meet the diverse needs of Kissimmee residents and businesses. From energy-efficient HVAC installations to prompt repairs and proactive maintenance, our skilled technicians are dedicated to keeping your indoor environment just right.

Enhance Your Indoor Air Quality

In addition to our heating and cooling services, we understand the importance of indoor air quality in Kissimmee's climate. Our air quality solutions, including professional air duct cleaning, help remove dust, pollen, and allergens from your home or business, allowing you to breathe cleaner, healthier air and enjoy a more comfortable indoor environment.

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As proud members of the Kissimmee community, we're committed to providing our neighbors with top-notch HVAC services they can trust. Whether you reside in Downtown Kissimmee, enjoy the scenic views of Lake Tohopekaliga, or own a business along bustling Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway, you can count on Star Air Conditioning for reliable, personalized service tailored to your unique needs.

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