Heater Installation in Orlando

Beat the chill in Orlando with heating installation services from the reliable technicians at Star Air Conditioning & Heating.

Heating equipment isn’t always at the forefront of everyone’s mind in Orlando. We’re lucky to have abundant warm weather and mild winters. However, even during the mild winters, heating homes and businesses is crucial to keeping spaces comfortable. Don’t fall into the trap of neglecting this important equipment. Get help from the experts at Star Air Conditioning & Heating. Deciding when to replace necessary heating equipment can be intimidating. We want to take the hassle out of the process.

Looking to keep your system running in top shape for longer? Be sure to ask about our routine heater repair and maintenance service today!

When is Heating Replacement Necessary?

For existing residential or commercial buildings, there will come a time when new heater installation becomes necessary. When that time comes, the professionals at Star Air Conditioning & Heating are ready to help. Some of the signs to look out for to help you determine when to replace your heater can be:

  • High Utility Costs: Old heaters and furnaces weren’t designed to be efficient. Additionally, they lose efficiency every year they are in operation. Installing a new heater will restore lost efficiency as well as upgrade efficiency with the help of new and better equipment.
  • High Repair Bills: Old heater units become more prone to mechanical problems and safety issues. This will require the help of a professional to repair the problems and restore performance. As bills pile up, at some point it makes better sense to upgrade the heater instead of limp an old one along.
  • Old Equipment: After about 15-20 years, the performance of a heater will drastically decline. At this point, it’s time to start thinking seriously about new heater installation.

Replacing expensive equipment like a heater can be stressful if it comes as a surprise. Knowing the signs that indicate you should upgrade your system can help you get a jump on planning so that the process is easier.

Options for Heater Installation

To help prepare for a new heater installation, it is useful for home and business owners to know their options. Since it has probably been a long time since you’ve had to replace your heater a guide about the new technology can be useful. In Orlando, most heating units can be placed in these two categories:

  • Heat Pumps: Heat pumps are a newer technology that is used to heat a building or home. Heat pumps operate on the same principles as an air conditioner except revered to pump heat into a space. With warm temperatures during most of the year, Orlando is in the perfect climate to run heat pumps. Since they operate with the same equipment as your air conditioner, they last a very long time.
  • Furnaces: Furnaces are historically a great choice for heating a home or business. Furnaces use cheap and clean-burning natural gas to produce heat. They are typically advertised in terms of their energy-efficiency which can be as high as 98%. For homes and businesses that already operate on furnaces, an updated furnace is a great choice for heating.

When you decide it’s time to update your heaters, be sure to call the experts at Star Air Conditioning & Heating. Our qualified technicians can easily walk you through the process of choosing new equipment for heating replacement.

Looking for more options? We also offer ductless mini split heater installations for those with limited space for ductwork or when you only need to heat a small area.

Choosing a Heating Contractor

Star Air Conditioning & Heating is the Orlando choice in heating installation contractors. Our veteran-owned company proudly serves residential and commercial customers for all of their heating repair and heating maintenance needs. Our award-winning customer service is unparalleled. Let us show you how different it is to work with a reliable company that still believes in honesty and integrity.

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