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What Tools Are In An HVAC Technician's Tool Belt?

Posted Mon, Mar 28, 2022 in News

Ever Wondered What Kind of Tools Heating and Air Conditioning Contractors Use?

HVAC technicians handle many unique and challenging repairs each day. In this blog post, our experienced HVAC experts give a brief overview of their favorite tools and how they are used.

To handle the demands of their job, HVAC contractors need to have the right tools in their arsenal. For most heating and cooling system repairs, they need various hand tools and safety equipment. Keep reading to learn more about the tools of the trade used by heating and cooling companies.

HVAC Technician’s Favorite Hand Tools

screwdriverOn the inside of heating and cooling systems is a network of wires, valves, bolts, and metal parts. To service the unit, HVAC technicians need to carry a variety of hand tools. These tools are used to assemble, repair, and install HVAC unit parts. For difficult repairs and installations, specialized equipment may be required.

Screwdrivers in multiple sizes with different kinds of heads, wire cutters, wrenches, and pliers are a few examples of the type of hand tools HVAC technicians carry with them. HVAC technicians also have a flashlight or head-lamp in their tool belt to see what they are doing.

HVAC technicians may need to use handheld power tools such as electric drills with extension cords. Staple guns are used for securing various parts inside of the system. While using power tools, the technician may need to wear ear protection.

Do Not Forget About Safety Equipment

gogglesSafety equipment for HVAC contractors is very important. Heating systems contain high temperatures, and both heating and cooling systems can contain dangerous gasses.

HVAC technicians usually wear gloves, masks, and goggles to prevent personal injury. They also wear non-slip shoes to prevent accidental falls. On construction sites, HVAC installers and technicians need to wear hard hats.

Homeowners should see their technicians take the proper steps to ensure their safety. This includes making sure that the technician is fully licensed for the work being done. The HVAC company should always have business insurance to cover any accidental personal injury.

Specialized Tools for HVAC Technicians

Some of the tools HVAC contractors use are made specifically for doing tasks within an HVAC unit. For example, a coil fin straightener looks like a comb and is used to straighten out bent metal fins within air conditioners. Coil fins are an important part of the cooling process.

HVAC technicians also use pumps to move water and other liquids around. Leak detectors are a tool that AC contractors use to detect leaks inside the system without taking them apart. Using a leak detector to find leaks inside the system is the safest and most efficient way to find out if there is a leak and pinpoint its location for repair.

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