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Posted Thu, Aug 5, 2021 in News

Invest in the Ductless System that Can Keep the Whole House Cool This Summer

As more areas warm into summer, even those native to hot climates are ready to hit the pool or the beach. Now that folks can gather again, people are eager to host and be hosted by friends and family. The more people that enter a space, the higher the temperature is likely to go. As they plan for Independence Day weekend, homeowners should look into whether or not they need to upgrade their cooling systems.

Ductless Mini Splits: How They Work

If a homeowner has never heard of a ductless cooling system, here is a quick rundown of how they work. Much like a traditional HVAC system, there is a central unit, a condenser outside the home. Unlike the traditional system, the central condenser is connected to heads or individual cooling units for each area. They are connected not by ducts but by tubes filled with coolant. They work using a simple cycle of energy transference.

  • Warm air is pulled into the unit 
  • Coolant absorbs energy
  • Coolant becomes gas
  • Coolant is pumped back through the condenser
  • Heat is released
  • Coolant becomes liquid
  • Room becomes cool

This cycle is repeated ad infinitum until the thermostatic temperature is reached.

Why Customers Want to Have Ductlessac

Mini-splits, as with any system, have both pros and cons. There are several very good reasons to consider investing in this form of cooling. 

  • Independent Cooling Zones: This one is first in honor of July 4th. One can cool each area of a home independently of what is going on in another part of the house. A thermostat is connected to each head, rather than having one for the whole house. 
  •  Flexible: Mini-splits can be placed in spots that traditional HVAC cannot as easily be placed due to the need for ductwork.
  • Efficient: Because there is no large ductwork to leak heat or cold, this system is more efficient in its energy use. Not only will this make cooling the air easier, but it also helps keep the electric bill lower.


Quality of Air Equals Quality of Lifeair quality

When people generally think of pollutants and particulates, they think of what is outside in the environment. The problem is that, as a contained space indoors can become more polluted than the outdoors. This can be detrimental to anyone’s health, but particularly vulnerable are children, seniors, and those with lung problems such as asthma and COPD. 

Though traditional ducted HVAC systems are generally equipped with good filters, if mold, dust, mildew, or other pollutants get into the ducts, they are very difficult to remove and can cause problems throughout the home. With a ductless system and proper filters, one can significantly improve indoor air quality. 

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