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Winter Garden Humidifiers by Star Air Conditioning

Humidifier Installation & Repair in Winter Garden

Good indoor air quality is vital to the health of your family. Improve your indoor air quality in Orange and Osceola County with help from Star Air Conditioning & Heating.

People spend most of their days indoors, especially in the heat of the Winter Garden summers. That means that most of the air that people breathe has been recirculated around a home or business with machinery. In a perfect world, HVAC equipment would operate perfectly and the air that you breathe would be healthy. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. At Star Air Conditioning & Heating, we understand how important humidity can be to your air. With a humidifier installation, you can add the right amount of humidity for your comfort and health!

Got too much humidity? We also offer dehumidifier installations to help protect your home from excess moisture.

What is Indoor Air Quality?

Indoor air quality is a term that refers to how healthy the air inside your home is. Numerous studies have confirmed that indoor air is less healthy and more polluted than outdoor air. The two components of healthy indoor air are:

  • AIRBORNE PARTICLES: Indoor air can hold all kinds of nasty particles that can contribute to poor health. Without good filtration, these particles build up in the air. Unhealthy particles like dust, allergens, viruses, and bad odors are common complaints that can be caused by airborne particles.
  • HUMIDITY: When people think of clean air, they likely think of air that is dust and allergen-free. But, humidity is an important part. Air that is too dry can cause lung problems. Air that is too humid can encourage mold growth that can then cause illness.

At Star Air Conditioning & Heating, we know how to keep the air in your home clean and breathable. For homes that have occupants that are constantly suffering from allergies or sinus problems, installing a humidifier may be a simple way to alleviate symptoms.

Reasons to Install a Humidifier

Keeping the humidity within a healthy range is important for health and comfort. Some of the specific problems that can result from low humidity are:

  • Dry, Itchy Skin
  • Coughing
  • Respiratory Problems
  • Dry Throat
  • Sinus Infections

Luckily, low humidity is very easily fixed by the professionals at Star Air Conditioning & Heating. Humidifiers come in all shapes and sizes. We can install the right products for you and your family and educate you on how to use them for the best results.

We offer a full range of indoor air quality services - including air duct cleaning - to help keep your home and air healthy!

How Do Humidifiers Work?

People who suffer from respiratory problems will often resort to small, standalone appliances to add humidity to a room. This is an inefficient way of amending the humidity around the home. Modern whole-home humidifiers are installed right along with your HVAC equipment. They are much more reliable than small, personal units and they offer greater humility control for the whole house, not just one room.

Humidifiers are simple to operate when they are part of your HVAC system. They control with a device similar to a thermostat that allows you to precisely control the humidity in your home for optimal health. Existing ductwork and blowers distribute humidified air around the home. They are remarkably easy to work with and they are easily maintained during routine visits for AC tune ups by our technicians.

Don’t be plagued by poor lung health. Install a humidifier from Star Air Conditioning & Heating today. Call (407) 932-1536 to schedule an installation or humidifier repair.

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