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Understanding the Air Ducts in a Home

Posted Wed, Aug 30, 2023 in News

All About Air Ducts 

Air ducts are a crucial component of central heating and cooling systems. Without air ducts, there would be no way to transport the heated or cooled air to different rooms of the home. However, since air ducts are usually hidden, most homeowners rarely give them a second thought. 

Any poorly designed and installed ductwork can wreak havoc on a home for decades with complications like high bills and low comfort. Instead of being at the mercy of ductwork, homeowners should learn a little about these valuable parts of climate control systems. Here is a quick guide from local experts to help homeowners better understand the air ducts in their central AC system and when they need attention. 

How Long Can Air Ducts Last?

replacementDuctwork is a network of different styles of ducts. Different materials are used to keep costs low when a cooling system is designed and to produce a customized system that is as effective as possible. This makes answering the question of “How long do air ducts last?” difficult. 

The longest-lasting air duct material in use is sheet metal. Sheet metal is rolled and insulated to make branch lines in most homes. Sheet metal is one of the more expensive materials, but it can also last the longest. Some estimates put its life expectancy around 70 years, but most often, 20-30 years is typical. 

Synthetic ductwork, like flexible ducts and fiberboard, won’t last as long. These materials are cheap and perfect for connecting different portions of the air conditioning system, but they tend to wear out within 20 years or less. In general, air ducts may need to be replaced when they are more than 15 years old or damaged

Signs Air Duct Repairs Are Needed 

Keeping the ductwork in good condition is necessary to keep energy bills low and the home comfortable. When ductwork is compromised and needs air duct repair, it often shows signs like: 

  • High energy bills
  • Inadequate cooling in the home
  • Hot and cold spots around the home
  • Low or no airflow
  • Visibly crushed air ducts
  • Loose or degraded insulation

Air duct repairs can quickly restore performance and comfort. If these signs are noticed, call for professional air duct repairs immediately. 

Signs That Duct Cleaning Is a Good Idea 

ductAir ducts can affect the indoor air quality in a home. While it is up to the homeowners to replace air filters every three months, the air ducts can also collect dust and pollutants over time, even with regular filter changes. The home becomes dusty and less hospitable as dust and allergens collect inside the air ducts. Some of the signs that air duct cleaning is necessary are: 

  • Dusty surfaces in the home
  • Worsening allergies
  • Asthma attacks
  • Itchy, watery eyes
  • Stubborn or musty odors
  • Visible grime on air ducts and vents

Air duct cleaning is a great way to reset the clock on dirty air ducts. By scheduling air duct cleaning every two to five years, homeowners can keep their homes safe from the health hazards posed by low-quality indoor air. 

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