We’ve answered some of the most common questions our customers have asked about heating and cooling systems in Orange and Osceola County. Have more questions? Call us!

  • What is a SEER Rating?
    SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating. It is a system that allows people shopping for new central air conditioners to be able to compare the operating costs and energy needs of a new unit. SEER ratings are determined by the building a ratio of cooling power per unit of electricity needed to accomplish it. SEER scores range from 13 to 25. The higher the number the more efficient the system and the lower energy costs will be. However, better technology means a higher initial cost. The technicians at Star Air Conditioning & Heating can help you select the right system to fit your goals and your budget.
  • Problems to Troubleshoot Before Calling
    Calling for AC repair can be a stress for financially-minded people. Naturally, most people will want to try a few things on their own before they call. This can also be helpful for us since you can give us more accurate information about the trouble that an air conditioner is having before we arrive. The first thing to check is the breaker for the unit. If it is tripped, try turning it back on and see if that fixes the problem. If breakers are repeatedly tripping, call us for repairs. The second thing is to check the thermostat. In the change of seasons, it’s easy to forget to switch your system from heating to cooling mode and vice versa. Also, dead thermostat batteries are a common problem in older homes with thermostats that aren’t hardwired.
  • Sizing a Unit for Your Home
    For an air conditioning installation technician sizing a unit for your home is a big job. HVAC techs are trained in how to calculate the energy efficiency of a home-based on things like the number of windows, solar exposure, age, and type of insulation. All of these factors go into determining the most appropriately sized unit for your home. Units that are improperly sized will run for too long, causing high bills, or they will short-cycle and allow humidity to build up in the house and be uncomfortable. Sharing this type of information with our installers will help them more accurately size your system.
  • Are Ductless Mini Splits Right for You?
    Ductless mini splits are a great piece of technology for people looking to save money on heating and cooling. They have high energy ratings and run very efficiently. They are based on heat pump technology so they are very reliable and save on other heating utilities like natural gas. Ductless mini-splits are easy to install and allow homeowners to zone their home so they don’t waste energy heating or cooling unoccupied rooms. If you’re looking into a new air conditioner, mini splits are worth asking us about.
  • Do Smart Thermostats Save Money?
    Smart thermostats are definitely worth the upgrade. Their initial cost has gotten cheaper and cheaper over the years and their features continue to get better. Smart thermostats give you greater control over your air conditioner so that you can use it more efficiently to increase comfort and lower bills. Most thermostats even send you a report at the end of the month telling you how much you have saved since installing that particular product.
  • How Often Should You Change Your Filters?
    Determining how often to change your AC filters is based on several things. First, the presence of pets. Pets contribute a lot of foreign matter to the air that finds its way into the AC filters. Pets usually require a filter change monthly. Second, the general environment where your home is built. A dusty environment will be evident in the filters of your air conditioner. Typically filters are changed every 3 months but sometimes environmental factors dictate more often. Third, the lung health of a home’s occupants. Asthma or allergy sufferers will need higher-rated filters changed more often to keep the air cleaner. This will lessen their symptoms and contribute to greater health.
  • Is the Membership Program Worth It?
    Yes! Air conditioning equipment cared for by professionals lasts longer, costs less in repairs, and runs more efficiently. That’s why we offer the program. Not only do you get two tune-ups a year in our program, you also are given 2 free service calls if problems arise. Members also get extended warranties and priority service. For a low monthly or one-time yearly fee, you get all of these competitively-priced benefits plus the peace of mind knowing that you’ll get the best performance from your equipment.

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