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Star Air Conditioning Checkins

Emergency AC Repair

a Celebration family's AC unit failed. Star Air Conditioning & Heating's emergency team responded swiftly, diagnosing and fixing a complex compressor issue overnight. Our prompt, efficient service not only restored cool air but also peace of mind, showcasing our dedication to customer comfort around the clock.

On 4/2/2024 in Celebration

Commercial HVAC Maintenance

A Winter Park business complex required reliable HVAC maintenance to ensure comfort for its tenants. Star Air Conditioning & Heating implemented a comprehensive maintenance plan, preventing unexpected breakdowns and extending the life of the system. Our proactive approach minimizes disruptions and supports the business community's needs.

On 3/31/2024 in Winter Park

Smart HVAC Upgrade

A tech-savvy homeowner in Orlando wanted to cut energy costs and improve comfort with a smart HVAC system. Star Air Conditioning & Heating delivered by installing a state-of-the-art system that adjusts temperature and humidity levels automatically. Our expert installation and seamless integration with home automation systems highlight our commitment to modern, energy-efficient solutions.

On 3/2/2024 in Orlando

Furnace Installation

Installed a new furnace in Altamonte Springs with Star Air Conditioning. Our team offers professional furnace installation services tailored to your home's heating needs. Trust us for efficient and reliable heating solutions. Call (407) 479-4556 to schedule your installation.

On 2/20/2024 in Altamonte Springs

Heating Maintenance Check-Up

Performed a thorough heating maintenance check-up in Winter Garden with Star Air Conditioning. Our proactive maintenance services keep your heating system running smoothly and efficiently. Call (407) 479-4556 for comprehensive heating maintenance solutions.

On 2/2/2024 in Winter Garden

HVAC Repair in Downtown Orlando

Star Air Conditioning provided expert HVAC repair services in Downtown Orlando, ensuring residents stay comfortable year-round with reliable heating and cooling solutions.

On 1/31/2024 in Orlando

AC Installation in Winter Park

In the charming suburb of Winter Park, Star Air Conditioning installed a new AC unit, delivering efficient and cost-effective cooling solutions for homeowners in the area.

On 1/22/2024 in Winter Park

Heating System Repair

Provided expert heating system repair in Orlando (32803) with Star Air Conditioning. Our skilled technicians diagnose and fix heating issues promptly, ensuring warmth and comfort during the cooler months. Call (407) 479-4556 for reliable heating repair services.

On 1/14/2024 in Orlando

AC Unit Installation

Successfully installed a high-efficiency air conditioning unit tailored to your property's specifications in Kissimmee. Our veteran-operated team ensures precise installation for optimal cooling comfort in your home or business.

On 12/21/2023 in Kissimmee

Heating Maintenance

Conducted thorough maintenance on a heating system in St. Cloud, guaranteeing its efficiency during colder seasons. Our veteran-operated team's attention to detail ensures consistent warmth and comfort.

On 12/21/2023 in St. Cloud

HVAC Repair

Swiftly repaired an HVAC system in Celebration, resolving issues to restore ideal temperature control. Our veteran-led service promptly addressed the concerns, ensuring the system's functionality.

On 12/21/2023 in Celebration

Air Quality Assessment

Performed a comprehensive indoor air quality assessment in Davenport, identifying and rectifying potential air quality issues. Our veteran-operated team prioritizes healthier living environments.

On 12/21/2023 in Davenport

Emergency HVAC Support

Provided immediate emergency HVAC support in Haines City, swiftly resolving sudden breakdowns. Our veteran-owned company ensures quick response times for customer satisfaction.

On 12/21/2023 in Haines City

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