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Hunters Creek Disinfection Services by Star Air Conditioning

With the global COVID 19 pandemic, everyone is dramatically aware of the role that high-quality indoor air plays in the health of you and your family. Up until recently, it was easy to have a false sense of security about the air that you breathe but now people are looking for every solution they can to protect their health. The role of an air conditioning company that performs sanitation cleaning services cannot be understated. At Star Air Conditioning & Heating, we know exactly how important it is for families to have high-quality indoor air that is free from pathogens. That’s why we offer disinfectant cleaning services along with our other air quality services.

We also install air cleaners and filtration systems to help keep the air inside your home clean and comfortable for the entire family.

Benefits of Disinfection Services

Every day humans come into contact with potentially harmful pathogens. Dangerous bacteria and viruses are waiting on every surface of your home. Even worse, many harmful pathogens like influenza and coronaviruses hang in the air and can infect you when inhaled. Home disinfection services aim to make you more protected by sanitizing every surface of your home and cleaning the air as well.

At Star Air Conditioning and Heating, we use the highest-rated sanitization chemical called OXINE. OXINE is a broad-spectrum disinfectant with a wide variety of applications. It has been used in the industrial and commercial world for years to perform sanitization. It is proven to kill many common harmful bacteria, fungi, mold, spores, and viruses. Now we make this service available for you.

How is Home Sanitizing Services Performed?

Home sanitizing service is performed by applying a sanitizer to every surface of the home and circulating it in the air. Even the ductwork of your air conditioner is sanitized since that’s where lots of nasty stuff can hang out.

Sanitizer can be applied by a sprayer to saturate surfaces. But, one of the best applications is by way of a fogger. A fogger applies the sanitizer equally around the home and in the air to the point that everything is saturated. As long as the sanitizer touches a surface, you can consider it clean!

When to Schedule Home Sanitizing Services?

Home sanitizing services make the most sense after there has been an illness in your home. In an effort to keep the illness from spreading to other occupants, home sanitizing services can be called upon. This can also include illness in pets since many common pet illnesses are transmissible and their pathogens can lie dormant for long periods.

Apart from treatments that are intended to help clean up your environment after an illness, home sanitizing services work very well on a scheduled basis. For example, a yearly cleaning before or during the winter when diseases are more likely to spread can be helpful in limited illness in your home. Or maybe scheduling services in the spring to help clear out all of the bad things that have built up in your air over the winter.

Trusted Home Sanitizing Company

Star Air Conditioning & Heating is committed to the health of your home. Whether it is with a dryer cleaning service or installing dehumidifiers, we want you to have the cleanest air possible so that you can thrive. We are a local Hunters Creek, veteran-owned company that treats our customers with honesty and integrity. Our licensed and background-checked technicians are ready to go to work for you 24 hours a day for emergencies. Allow us to show you why we say we are a company where “Where Professionalism and Integrity Still Exist.”

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