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Dehumidifier Services in Doctor Phillips

Orange & Osceola County air can be stifling with humidity. Keep it out of your home with help from Star Air Conditioning & Heating.

Indoor air quality is a problem that has only recently been given the attention it deserves. With more people spending time indoors, the health of your air is more important than ever. While HVAC equipment is intended to help adjust the amount of dust and humidity in your indoor air, it is often inadequate to keep it regulated perfectly.

Star Air Conditioning & Heating is a locally-owned air conditioning repair service that specializes in indoor air quality. We can help you determine if some of your problems are caused by high humidity and make recommendations to correct the problem. We offer a range of products and services that can help you keep your family safe from low-quality air.

Lacking humidity? We also offer humidifier installations to help keep the air inside your home comfortable!

Reasons to Install a Dehumidifier

Humidity is an important component of indoor air quality. Often, people spend so much time worrying about air filtration that they neglect humidity. Taking moisture out of the air has numerous benefits. Among these are:

  • SAVINGS: Air conditioners work to remove humidity from the air but on humid days they can have a hard time keeping up. By using a dehumidifier, your air conditioner won’t have to work as hard and you will see the savings in your bills.
  • COMFORT: As sweat evaporates from your skin, it cools you more effectively if indoor air is drier. Therefore, drier air feels like cooler air. Plus, humid air is sticky and stifling. Dehumidified air is more comfortable to live in.
  • HEALTH: High humidity can lead to a host of problems. Mold and fungus thrive in high humidity environments. When humidity stays high, air can become laden with illness-causing pollutants like mold.

Star Air Conditioning & Heating is your local dehumidifier repair and installation specialist. Whether you have a dehumidifier that needs work or are tired of suffering from high humidity, our specialists have a solution to your problem.

Do You Need Dehumidifier Repair?

Not only do dehumidifiers work in concert with your air conditioning systems, but dehumidifiers also work in a similar fashion to an AC unit. So, problems that arise with dehumidifiers are similar to problems that require AC repair. Some problems that are common to dehumidifiers are:

  • Compressor Problems
  • Air Filter Problems
  • Coils Problems
  • Leaks or Clogged Condensation Drains
  • Refrigerant Leaks

Regardless of the cause of your problems, we are ready to offer a solution. We are a full-service air conditioning company that is ready to help you address all of your indoor air quality problems.

Indoor air quality starts with routine care. Be sure to ask about our air filter replacement services today!

Let Us Help You Breathe Easy!

Our slogan at Star Air Conditioning & Heating is “Where Professionalism and Integrity Still Exist.” As a local business, we know how to take care of the folks in the Doctor Phillips area. It’s these values and our award-winning service that have earned us an A+ rating with the BBB. Let us show you how easy it can be working with a company that is committed to your satisfaction. We are the local air quality experts ready to help educate you on the importance of good air quality and install the equipment that will solve your problems.

Stop wasting money on high cooling bills and doctor’s visits. Get a dehumidifier installed from Star Air Conditioning & Heating. Call (407) 932-1536 today and stop suffering in the stifling Doctor Phillips heat.

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