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Why a Dehumidifier Is This Summer's Must-Have Accessory

The 3 Biggest Reasons a Dehumidifier Is a Necessity in the Summertime

For many homeowners, the summer months are a constant struggle against the adverse effects of humidity. Not only can it make staying indoors practically unbearable, but it can also cause the home to deteriorate rapidly have serious health consequences. 

Every home’s air conditioner reduces indoor humidity to some extent, but it can only do so much. In the thick of an extremely hot and balmy Florida summer, it’s ultimately a losing battle. Fortunately, with a good dehumidifier, homeowners have a fighting chance. Keep reading to learn the three most important reasons no home can go without a dehumidifier this summer.

Do Away With Dampness and Damp Odorsbad smell

The first reason to enlist the help of a dehumidifier is simply to make the home more comfortable. Extreme humidity can be hard enough to deal with outdoors, but it’s another story when it’s inside the house as well. Air conditioners remove moisture from the air as a natural part of the cooling process. 

The trouble is, the AC is more effective at cooling than it is at dehumidifying. So the air will get colder, but the humidity won’t go down significantly, giving the home a chilly, clammy feeling. Excess moisture in the air will also seep into carpets, bedspreads, upholstery, and any other fabrics, making everything feel damp and eventually producing a damp, musty smell that’s hard to get rid of.

Reduce the Chances of Mold Growth

The second reason to augment the home’s air conditioner with a dehumidifier is arguable the most important - preventing mold growth. Mold is a very common problem in humid climates because it thrives in moist environments. It’s most common in crawlspaces and unfinished basements, but it can also grow on or inside interior walls, under carpets, and even in dusty AC ductwork. 

Mold (especially certain types such as “black mold”) can pollute the indoor air and lead to respiratory irritation or illness, particularly those with allergies or other sensitivities. Using a dehumidifier to keep the home’s moisture level down is the best way to discourage mold growth.

Prevent Damage To Hardwoodwood floor

Yet another reason for installing a dehumidifier is to protect the home from moisture damage. Wood is particularly susceptible to moisture damage, as it tends to absorb moisture from the air, causing it to expand or swell. In some cases, it only takes a matter of weeks for permanent damage to occur. 

Humidity can affect anything from door frames to furniture, but nowhere is it more destructive than hardwood floors. As the individual planks in a wood floor expand, they will push against one another. With nowhere to go, the edges may curl or “cup” upward, the center may bow out, or the wood may simply crack. In any case, the damage will be irreversible, and the only solution will be to replace the floor entirely. 

Keeping the home’s humidity in a safe range (typically around 45-55% in the summer) will help protect the home’s wood surfaces from such a fate. Some smaller households may be able to achieve this with a portable model, but most homes will require a whole-house dehumidifier to maintain a consistent humidity level.

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