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The Importance of Maintaining Your Air Conditioning Unit

Simple Steps To Improve an Air Conditioning Unit’s Functionality 

During the winter months, when the weather is nice, it’s so easy for homeowners to open the windows and bask in the brisk temperatures. However, once spring rolls around and the temperature starts rising, a functioning air conditioning unit is essential. The machine’s many parts must work like clockwork to maintain ideal temperatures. Homeowners can lengthen the lifespan of their air conditioning units by performing periodic maintenance. 

When it comes to mechanical issues with an air conditioning unit, those solutions are best left to the professionals. Replacing certain components, running diagnostic tests, and reinstalling the unit itself can quickly become a time-consuming and frustrating experience. However, homeowners can do some small things to get the most out of their systems. 

Springtime Is Maintenance Time 

Technician changing out the filter in a ductless AC unitEven though winter temperatures may not be extreme by many standards, homeowners should still perform routine maintenance on their units. During the winter months, even when temperatures are mild, the interior of a unit can still freeze. In turn, this requires the compressor to work overtime, causing it to overheat and warp. 

Homeowners can take preventative measures to keep their compressors from running into any issues. During the colder times of the year, homeowners should disconnect their units and wrap the compressor in cloth. This can keep it from sensing colder weather and overheating. 

Additionally, homeowners should periodically check for obstructions in the vents. Leaves, sticks, twigs, and even pieces of ice can get lodged in the system, keeping it from working at full capacity. 

Some Components Need More Attention Than Others 

It is recommended that an air conditioning unit is “tuned up” twice a year. Homeowners can do their own mini tune-ups that require minimal expertise. As noted, by keeping the vents clear of obstructions, one can maximize their unit’s performance and save energy. 

Additionally, homeowners should wipe down the fan blades, clean the condenser coil, and, in general, look for anything that seems out of place. By consulting an air conditioning expert, homeowners can gain more insight into the function of their unit and what improvements could be made. 

Annual Tune-Ups Present an Array of Benefits 

Nobody wants to be in a situation where their air conditioning unit stops working. They can prevent this occurrence by calling in an expert to conduct an annual tune-up. 

Person circling the word benefits with a red markerA tune-up conducted by an industry professional can entail: 

  • Determining whether the unit and thermostat are in-sync
  • Tightening any nuts or bolts that may have come loose
  • Checking the airflow and motor
  • Examining the electricity flow within the unit itself
  • Evaluating whether any parts need to be replaced
  • Determining whether mold is impacting the unit’s function 

Other measures could work to prolong the longevity of one’s air conditioning unit. If a homeowner fails to perform routine maintenance on their system, they may find themselves unexpectedly without service. 

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