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Thanksgiving is The Best Time To Give Thanks To HVAC Technicians

The Essential Services HVAC Contractors Provide

Having an HVAC system is a luxury, but it can also be the difference between life and death during seasons with extreme weather and temperatures. HVAC technicians and specialists provide homeowners with quality care, repairs, and installations. Having a working heater, AC, and proper indoor air quality is beneficial. Without these services, consequences may occur.

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Why Having a Working Heater in the Winter Is Crucial

In most places, during the winter months, temperatures drop significantly. Although winter is a beautiful time with snow, family, friends, and many holidays, it can also be uncomfortable because of the icy cold weather. However, while the temperature may be cold outside, inside of homes, heaters provide much-needed warmth. This cozy warmth brings comfort and joy.

While it is true that not all homeowners have working heaters, those who do enjoy and appreciate them. When heaters break, however, they can pose a threat, especially in homes that are not insulated well. In old houses, where heat seeps out, vulnerable people can succumb to hypothermia or become sick because of the cold temperatures.

 This is why homeowners need to contact heating service technicians to either repair their current heater or install a new one. 

Why having AC Services During the Summer Is Essential cold at home

Just like during the winter, extreme temperatures can be dangerous in the summer. Depending on the home's location, summers can reach over 100 degrees. This heat is not only uncomfortable and inconvenient but also dangerous! During summer, homeowners without an AC are more likely to suffer from dehydration and heatstroke. If either of these health problems is not taken care of quickly, they can worsen and lead to death. During a heatwave, if AC’s are not running, the heat from outside can get trapped in the home.

Air conditioners provide relief from the heat outside and are essential during the hot and unbearable months of summer. If homeowners notice any problems with their cooling systems right before summer, they should contact local cooling services near them for repairs or upgrades.

Why Is High-Quality Indoor Air Quality Necessary?

Indoor Air Quality is necessary because, without it, homeowners can find themselves sick with swollen sinuses or allergies. HVAC systems, over time, collect debris and dust within the air filters. If these are not changed within every few months, the debris and dust collected can trigger allergies in homeowners. This is uncomfortable and can lead to problems further down the line. 

Air filter replacement is a quick way to alleviate the problem. A professional can handle this task, as each HVAC system has its own specific air filter type and size. Technicians can also provide air quality services like a whole-home humidifier. This service adds moisture to the air, which is especially helpful during cold months where the air is dry and harmful. Whole-home humidifiers can be used all year long and increase the air quality in a home. 

About Star Air Conditioning & Heating

Veteran-owned and operated, Star Air Conditioning & Heating is an HVAC company based out of Kissimmee, FL. This company prides itself in providing quality repairs, quick and efficient installations, and air quality services. Contact them for any HVAC service!