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Is Your Evaporator Coil Due for a Professional Cleaning? Here's How to Tell!

Signs Evaporator Coil Cleaning Is Needed

A fully functioning AC is essential, and it’s imperative to keep it clean and well-maintained so that it runs smoothly and without a hitch. While faulty parts and malfunctioning components certainly affect the performance of an air conditioner, in some cases, the problem with an AC that isn’t cooling correctly has more to do with how clean and well-maintained it is than anything else. This is especially true of an AC’s evaporator coil.

When it comes to cooling, much of the responsibility falls on the AC coils. This set of copper tubing has a liquid refrigerant running through it that absorbs the heat from the air passing over the coils in order to cool said air. When the evaporator coils become dirty, they no longer function properly and reduce the AC’s ability to cool a room. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to keep the evaporator coils clean with routine evaporator coil cleaning services by a professional. Here is some information to help homeowners spot the signs that indicate dirty evaporator coils.

Decreased Cooling Capacity

hotAnyone who’s ever encountered a functioning AC that doesn’t seem to be cooling a room properly may be dealing with a unit that has a dirty evaporator coil. When an evaporator coil accumulates a buildup of dirt, dust, and other debris, its capacity to cool a room becomes compromised. 

This is because the layer of dirt covering it reduces contact between air and the refrigerant running through the coils, subsequently decreasing the AC’s cooling capacity. If homeowners notice a loss of cooling function, they should call an HVAC technician to determine if the evaporator coils or another issue is to blame.

Frost on the AC Coils

frostAnother problem that plagues dirty AC evaporator coils is its susceptibility to the formation of frost. This happens when dust accumulates on the coils in a layer thick enough to prevent the refrigerant from properly cooling the warm air that passes over it. 

This, in turn, encourages moisture to collect on the surface, which freezes when it comes into contact with the refrigerant in the copper tubing. A frozen evaporator coil obviously won’t be able to function correctly, thus compromising the AC’s ability to cool a room properly.

Longer Cooling Cycles 

A malfunctioning or dirty evaporator coil also becomes a problem because it can cease to produce enough cold air to bring a room down to the desired temperature quickly enough. When this happens, the AC runs longer cycles to compensate for the decreased cooling capability, leaving homeowners wondering why the AC seems to be running much longer than before. 

This is not ideal, as an AC that is left to compensate by running longer cycles will incur extra wear and tear, leading to more frequent issues or the possibility of needing early replacement. As an added disadvantage, running longer cycles also leads to higher energy bills, which any homeowner will want to avoid.

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