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Haunted House or Broken Air Conditioner?

Signs of a Faulty Air Conditioning System

A broken air conditioner can haunt a home with strange noises, uneven airflow, and high energy bills. It’s nearly Halloween, but these creepy occurrences aren't a ghost. In this blog post, AC experts share three warning signs of a broken air conditioner that homeowners need to know. Fixing small problems with the AC early on can help to prevent a complete system breakdown. 

Annual maintenance and changing air filters on time can go a long way to prevent some common AC problems. It’s recommended to call a professional AC technician right away when these warning signs are noticed. They can quickly diagnose the problem and provide solutions. 

Loud Sounds Coming From the AC

soundsOne of the first signs of a broken air conditioner that homeowners may notice is unusual sounds coming from the AC. It’s normal for air conditioners to make a low humming noise when operating, but if the unit is so loud that it distracts the homeowner from daily tasks, then there is probably something wrong with it. 

Loose parts rattling around the inside of the air conditioner can be prevented by technicians tightening the parts during routine maintenance. The technician may recommend replacing old parts to keep the AC running smoothly. A loose or malfunctioning compressor could cause a banging noise from the AC.

Loud shrieking noises from the system can make homeowners feel like they are living in a haunted house this Halloween, but the problem is more likely a malfunctioning fan motor or belt. Refrigerant leaks or dirty condenser coils can also make the AC run louder than usual. Neglecting to do AC maintenance can lead to the air conditioner being noisy and inefficient. 

Broken Thermostat

thermostatThe thermostat controls the overall function of the heating and cooling system. When the thermostat is broken or outdated, it can reduce the air conditioning system's efficiency. Sometimes the thermostat fails to read the temperature correctly and cuts on and off at inappropriate times. 

Malfunctioning thermostats can cause uneven cooling throughout the house and increase energy bills. Constantly turning the air conditioning on and off puts more strain on the system and wastes energy. Installing a new thermostat can help homeowners to stop system malfunctions and save money on utility bills. 

Homeowners can test to see if their thermostat is working correctly by placing a thermometer next to it and comparing the readings. It’s also important for homeowners to remember always to have fresh batteries in the thermostat. Smart thermostats can maximize energy efficiency by automatically adjusting to the conditions of the home.  

Loss of Cooling Capacity

The presence of a cold chill in a random spot in the house is more likely an HVAC problem than a Halloween haunting. Uneven cooling throughout the home could be a warning sign of a problem with the air conditioning system. 

Dirty condenser coils are a common cause of a sudden loss of cooling capacity. During maintenance, the technician will have a chance to clean the coils. This can instantly improve the cooling performance of the system. Changing the air filter on time can also help to promote efficient cooling and better airflow by preventing dirt from building up in the air conditioner. 

If the condenser coils get too dirty, the metal can begin to corrode and leak refrigerant. Fixing the problem right away prevents it from getting even worse. Monitoring utility bills can also help homeowners to notice any sudden changes that would indicate a problem with the cooling system. 

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