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Different Ways To Stay Cool This Summer

3 Things To Do To Help Stay Cooler This Summer

Sometimes, having an air conditioner just isn’t enough to stay cool during the heat of summer. Not only that but there are some habits that homeowners can try to change that will help their AC keep the home cooler with minimal effort. A few of those things are listed below. They are all easy things that cost little to no money and not only help the homeowner stay cooler but also help the house remain cooler. Not to mention other perks homeowners can experience, like lower energy bills! 

For the homeowners that are looking for different ways to stay cooler this summer, this is the article to read! Continue on to learn more!

Lower the Water Temperature in the Showershower

Believe it or not, cold showers are actually beneficial to a person’s health! This might not be a very popular decision but taking a cold shower - or colder than normal - is a great way to cool down in the summer time. Not only that but it keeps the bathroom from getting too steamy, which also helps the AC not get overworked trying to cool down one room of the home. 

Some of the common benefits of cold showers are: 

  • They help to wake a person up and get their brain going in the morning
  • Helps to calm itchy or sunburnt skin
  • Helps improve circulation throughout the body
  • Helps hair and skin health
  • Reduces muscle soreness after a workout

It might take some time to get used to but taking cold showers in the summer is beneficial in more than one way!

It Might Be Time To Change the Bed Linens bed

In the winter, thicker sheets are common because they keep people warmer while they sleep. However, in the summer they can cause a person to wake up drenched in sweat every morning. Changing bed linens to a more breathable fabric is an easy way to stay cool during the summer. It also helps to wake up more refreshed when there isn’t a pool of sweat on the pillow. 

Breathable bed linens might cost a little more upfront because the homeowner is forced to look for specific types of fabrics, like satin and tencel but they are worth the price. Not only do they keep the homeowner cool while they sleep but these fabrics tend to last longer than cheaper fabrics. 

Don’t Forget About the AC Filter! 

Changing a clogged air filter in the AC is extremely important. It helps the AC not get overworked, helps to maintain excellent air quality in the home, and helps to keep the homeowner cooler in the summer. 

The air filter should be changed every 3 to 6 months, depending on the number of people and pets in the house. Doing this is one of the easiest ways to show how much the air conditioner is appreciated while keeping the home cooler all summer long, and with minimal effort!

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