Kissimmee Heating Services

Stay warm through the chilly Orange and Osceola County winters. Get expert help from a local, veteran-owned heating repair company.

In Kissimmee, air conditioners stay busy during the summer. But as temperatures drop, home and business owners turn their heaters on to take the chill out of the air. Nothing is worse than relying on equipment only to have it fail you when you need it most. At Star Air Conditioning & Heating we offer industry-leading heating maintenance and repair services to keep your heaters in working order. In the event of an emergency, our technicians are on call for 24 hour heating repair service so that you never have to be left out in the cold.

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Reasons to Get Routine Furnace Tune Ups

Unexpected emergency furnace repair can get expensive as well as leaving you and your family or customers out in the cold. That’s why it’s important to take all the steps you can to avoid losing your heating service. To keep furnace equipment operating at its best, a heater tune up is the best option. Reasons for heater tune ups include::

  • Fewer repair bills
  • Safer furnace operation
  • Cleaner indoor air
  • Lower bills
  • Efficient operation

By scheduling a furnace maintenance service, you are investing in your heating and cooling equipment. Our customers are always amazed at how their bills go down after a tune up from our technicians.

How to Tell When You Need Furnace Repair

For a lot of the year, furnaces in Kissimmee sit idle. This can be harder on the equipment than if it was running. As a result, furnaces need frequent repairs to keep them running when you need them most. Some of the indications that you need furnace repair are:

  • Unusual Noises: With long idle times, it is common for belts to wear out and bearings to get dry. Upon starting up, these components will squeal and rattle. These noises indicate that repairs will be needed to avoid a costly breakdown.
  • Unfamiliar Smells: Some odor is normal when furnaces are first fired up. However, burnt odors that persist could mean big problems. If you smell burnt odors or gas, call us for help immediately.
  • No Heating: There are multiple causes for not getting a heater to heat up a space. Our technicians will troubleshoot in a timely manner and make suggestions and repairs to get your equipment working again.
  • Poor Airflow: This is an indication that blower motors have failed or fans are caked over with grime. Keeping clean filters will help prevent this problem but if the damage is done, repairs will be necessary.

Star Air Conditioning & Heating is your furnace repair service. We work on all types of heaters and furnaces so you can get back to staying warm.

Benefits of New Furnace Installation

Heating replacement is the best option for home or business owners that have inefficient and outdated heating equipment. Once heating equipment reaches a certain age, it will start to have problems and cost a lot of money to keep running. Upgrading equipment can give you a fresh start. Some of the benefits of furnace installation are:

  • Lower bills
  • Increased longevity
  • Cleaner air
  • Better furnace operation
  • No repairs
  • More comfortable spaces

Star Air Conditioning & Heating is ready to help you install new heating equipment. We will handle every step of the operation from making sure you get the right Goodman, Bryant, or Lennox & York equipment installed all the way through start-up.

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Your Central Heating Installation Company

Star Air Conditioning & Heating is an emergency heating repair company. We offer 24 hour heating repair service because we realize that problems can occur at any time. Our first goal is to make sure that you and your family stay comfortable. Emergencies are stressful so we always have live answering services so you can get help right away. For a fast response to furnace emergencies, call today.

We are a veteran-owned heating installation company that prides itself on honesty and integrity. We background and drug test all of our technicians so you can have peace of mind when we enter your home or business to perform service. Our A+ customer service is a testimony to how our customers feel about us. Let us help you solve your furnace problems!

Don’t let broken furnaces leave you cold. Call (407) 932-1536 today for expert help. Our award-winning heating service is ready to help!