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Stay cool and comfortable in the Orange and Osceola County heat with help from Star Air Conditioning & Heating, your local AC contractor!

The Doctor Phillips heat and humidity are prized for much of the year. However, during the brutal heat of the summer, most people find themselves seeking refuge inside to escape the heat. When air conditioning equipment is running fine, staying inside is pleasant. But, it doesn't take long after an AC starts to fail that conditions become unlivable. Star Air Conditioning & Heating is an emergency AC service and air conditioning installation company that is ready to meet all of your cooling needs. With years of experience, we can make quick work of your problems.

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How Often Should You Schedule AC Maintenance Services?

To avoid costly breakdowns, an air conditioner tune up can be scheduled on a regular basis to keep your equipment in good shape. Typically, it is recommended that AC tune ups be scheduled once per year before the cooling season begins. This ensures that the equipment is ready to work hard for you during the summer.

One of the best ways to keep track of your AC maintenance services is by signing up for our membership program. Our membership program includes two yearly visits. One for AC tune ups and the other for heating tune ups. During our visits we will:

  • Test your thermostat
  • Check motors
  • Clean coils and blowers
  • Test refrigerant levels
  • Look for leak
  • Clean out drains

By getting routine maintenance you can protect yourself from trouble during the summer and you can prolong the life of your equipment.

When Should You Schedule AC Repair?

Central AC problems don’t fix themselves; they usually just get worse with time. As problems get worse they can damage other parts of the system and cause problems to cascade. Catching problems early is important to help prevent damage from spreading throughout the system.

Signs to look out for that indicate you should schedule repairs are:

  • Short or long cooling cycles
  • Unusually high energy bills
  • Unusual noises like squealing or grinding
  • Leaks or floods around central AC equipment
  • Clammy air or high humidity
  • Bad odors or respiratory symptoms

Air conditioner repair is vital for the health of your AC equipment and the health of the people that live in your home. Take care of both with AC repair service from Star Air Conditioning & Heating.

Choosing the Correct Equipment for Central AC Installation

One of the things that homeowners don’t think about when it comes to air conditioner installation is all of the technical work that goes into designing a system. All of this will be handled by your installation contractor but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be familiar with the concepts. At Star Air Conditioning & Heating, we work to educate our customers so that we earn their trust. Here are some of the technical considerations we give to central air conditioning installation:

  • Size: Air conditioners are sized according to local weather patterns and humidity. Solar exposure and the design of your house can influence the size of the air conditioner that is installed. We go to great lengths to determine the correct size of unit for your home, not just replacing the current equipment.
  • Budget: Different models and brands of units offer different options at varying price points. We always strive to stay within your budget when we install your new AC system. We also offer financing options to make your projects more affordable.
  • Style: New technology like ductless systems are changing the way people heat and cool their homes. Deciding to install a new unit gives you the opportunity to explore your options.

We make finding a solution for your home easy. Be sure to ask about our financing options for a stress-free installation experience.

Working With Us

Star Air Conditioning & Heating is a veteran-owned company that is committed to your satisfaction. Our award-winning service and A+ BBB rating keep our customers choosing us over the years for their AC repairs and installations. Let us convince you why our slogan is “Where Professionalism and Integrity Still Exist.”

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