Air Handler Services in Orlando

Dealing with airflow issues? The air handler could be to blame. We serve Orange & Osceola Counties and can get your home cool again in no time!

Most homeowners don’t realize that their air conditioning system is a series of parts that are responsible for cooling and distributing air. And the one responsible for that distribution part is your air handler. Orlando homes dealing with little to no airflow likely need air handler services. At Star Air Conditioning & Heating, we are your reliable HVAC contractors. From repairs to replacements, we can get air flowing through your home again in no time!

Air handler not the problem? Not to worry! As a full-service AC company, we can handle all your air conditioning repair and service needs.

How Does the Air Handler Work?

The air handler is one of the more crucial parts of your air conditioner and is responsible for circulating the air throughout your home. It uses a fan or blower motor, depending on your unit, to push cooled air from the evaporator coils into the ductwork. Based on the size and area needed to cool, it can automatically determine how much air is needed, and it does that throughout the day. Because of this essential role, without it, you’ll find yourself with little to no airflow if it’s damaged.

When Is Air Handler Replacement Needed?

For most issues, a simple air handler repair can get air flowing through your home again in no time. However, depending on the age of the air handler and the severity of your issue, replacement may be the best option. Consider it when dealing with any of the following:

  • Airflow Issues: Are some areas of your home getting little to no airflow? If the motor inside the air handler is damaged it can struggle to properly distribute air throughout your home.
  • Rising Energy Costs: If the airflow is low from your system, that means your AC has to work even hard to keep your home cool. Rising energy costs are often a sign something is wrong with your system.
  • Noisy Operation: Between the fan, motor, and belts that all drive the air handler, there are plenty of places where noise can occur. If you hear a rattling or humming noise, or something that sounds loose in your AC, schedule an inspection.

At Star Air Conditioning & Heating, we pride ourselves on our honest and transparent service. That means we’ll always give you options when facing air handler replacement and help you find the ideal unit. Best of all, we work with all Goodman, Bryant, and Lennox & York air conditioners, which means we have the expertise to handle your specific needs.

Looking for more alternatives with your HVAC system? Be sure to ask about our ductless mini split AC systems and enjoy direct cooling where you need it most.

Benefits of Routine Inspections

The easiest way to avoid performance interruption and keeping your HVAC system blowing properly is routine inspection. As part of air handler services, inspections and maintenance can go a long way to detect issues early on and ensure that all components are working as they should.

  • Motor Inspection: Motors can burn out over time. During an inspection, we’ll check the health of your motor and look for issues like changes in speed, which can help us determine if a new one is needed.
  • Moving Components: The air handler uses fan belts to keep the motor moving and functional. These belts can fray and deteriorate with time, so they are inspected to avoid them snapping during operation, which can cause damage inside the air handler.
  • Filters: The air filter is the main defense mechanism for your entire air conditioning system. They keep dirt and grime off components and need to be replaced routinely during a maintenance inspection.

At Star Air Conditioning & Heating, we are your reliable air handler service company. Whether you want to schedule annual service before the Orlando summer months or you’re looking to update and replace this critical component, our contractors can help you find the ideal solution.

Best of all, we’re also available for 24-hour service, which means if you need air handler repair in the middle of the night, we’ll be there to help.

Don’t let poor airflow keep your Orlando home hot. Call Star Air Conditioning & Heating at (407) 932-1536 to schedule expert air handler services today!